The Ash Family Farm

The Ash Family Farm is a small, family-run, pasture based operation raising sheep for both their nutritious, delicious meat, and their incredible wool. We also raise as much of our own food as we can, so keep some dairy cows, a variety of heritage chickens, and a large garden.

Our approach to animal agriculture is in honoring the incredible ability of ruminants to turn grass into meat, milk, and fiber. We practice rotational, multi-species grazing using Premier1 electric net fencing. In the winter we primarily feed baleage, with some dry hay as needed. We also use limited amounts of grain from a local grain mill, primarily for lactating ewes, young lambs, and moving the flock in the absence of a herding dog.

The chickens get food scraps, wander about turning over everything they can scratch and eating what they find, and they provide eggs when they feel like it, and meat when we feel like it.