Sheep for sale

We will have breeding stock listed here as we have them available. They will be healthy, with no known issues. If you have any questions, please get in touch; we love to talk about our sheep!

We take very seriously the ethical sales of breeding animals, as that informs the future of the breed specifically, and sheep in general, so we will not sell registered animals that do not adhere to the breed standard, nor will we sell animals that have known health or structural problems.

We are taking reservations for Texel/Finnsheep lambs born spring 2022. They promise to bring muscularity and prolificacy to your flock. They also are thrifty and parasite resistant. We track birth weights, weight gain, parasite resistance, and more, so if you are looking for something specific, we can provide the details to help find your preferred animals. *Our ewe lambs are all spoken for. We have only ram lambs available for 2022.*


$200 ‘Bitsy’, Finnsheep/Shetland ewe born 7/2019. Mature weight ~80lbs. Had Texel cross twins 3/2021, 90 day weaning weights 45 and 55 lbs. She has never needed deworming and has variegated charcoal gray wool. She is a bit smaller than we’d like our ewes to be, and has no issues.

She will be available in June after weaning her lambs born March 2022.

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