We have various colors, lengths, and textures of washed wool available by the 1/2 pound! Our wool is soaked in plain water to loosen dirt, then washed in very hot water with Dawn dish soap, and finally rinsed until the water runs clear. We have Finnsheep, Clun Forest, Shetland cross, BFL cross, and Texel cross wool. Some of the wool may have bits of hay caught in it, since I’ve only washed it, not carded it. We make an effort to keep hay and other vegetable matter from getting in the fleece, so the VM is minimal, but the sheep aren’t coated, and are, after all, animals.

We have tanned sheepskins available. They were locally produced, and are washable(of course very gently – no throwing these in your washing machine!)

Texel/Finnsheep lambs will be available in July. They will make good meaty lambs, or prolific breeding stock who will bring muscularity to their offspring.

Contact us for details!