Finnsheep Ewes

FBA# 27618 Stillmeadow 985 Bluebell Quint

Born 5/2015

Bluebell is a smaller ewe(~140lbs), has a balanced, though narrow frame, nice shaped udder, decent milk production, and good feet. She has had litters of 3, 0, 1, and 1 the last four years, and seems to throw small lambs. She has coarser wool with long, wavy locks. Due to her repeated low litter counts, we will not be retaining her further.

FBA# 30115 Ironwood Hill 247 Aina Triplet

Born 6/2017

Aina was a good mother, with a beautiful udder, good capacity, and gorgeous wool. Her pasterns were absolutely terrible though, and she had an especially bad ‘ewe neck’. We retained two of her daughters, who are an improvement on their mother, structurally.

FBA #30784 Burnt Mill Farm 1115 Twin

Born 4/2017

1115 is one of our favorite ewes as she is very prolific, milky, has a solid frame, and is our preferred size(~160lbs). She has had litters of 4, 5, 6, and 0 the last four years, though not all survived from the last two litters due to complications during birth. She has had a mild vaginal prolapse at the end of the last two pregnancies, and we believe they were our fault due to limited manger space and mineral imbalances.

FBA# 30753 The Back Thirty 19015 Blue Triplet

Born 4/2019

Blue is out of Bluebell, by Anton, and is a small, fine-boned ewe. She weighs ~100 lbs, and had twins and triplets her first and second years. She raised them just fine, but they were all on the very small side. She was on her probationary year this year, to see if she could produce better lambs when paired with a larger ram. She had 4, and we have had to supplement most of them.

FBA# 31706 Ashfarm Cordelia 20046 Quint

Born 3/2020

Cordelia is a daughter of 1115, had twins at 12 months old, and twins this year. She is by Anton, and shows that tendency for a fine-boned smaller-framed structure. She has evenly crimped, lustrous wool.

FBA# 32501 Ash Family Farm 21069 Dorothy


Born 3/2021

Dorothy is a daughter of Aina, one of our foundation ewes from Ironwood Hill Farm, and Cyrus, a son of 1115. She lambed twins by Chester at 12 months old, and has been a perfect mother. She has a nicely-formed udder, a deep frame, and is developing into a very promising ewe in terms of size, structure, prolificacy, and temperament.

FBA# 32502 Ash Family Farm 21064 Minky Twin

Born 3/2021

Minky is a full sister to Dorothy and has performed equally well with twins at 12 months and perfect mothering. Her fine, dense wool is usually black, but has turned gray at times.

FBA# 32503 Ash Family Farm 21063 Lightning


Born 3/2021

Lightning is out of Aina’s daughter Bjorne, who we culled for the inability to feed her lambs, and by Cedric, the son of 1115. Lightning has nicely balanced structure, but didn’t breed her first year. There were some ram complications, so maybe it wasn’t entirely her fault, but it is a huge strike against her regardless. We have yet to decide if we will pair her with the Texel or the Finn this coming breeding season.