Finnsheep Rams

FBA #32142 YRF 2121 Triplet

Don Juan, as we call him, is the newest addition to our ram lineup. We got him from Yankee Rock Farm in VT this past summer, and he looks fantastic. He has a larger frame size than our other rams, with genetics from Mormon Trail Farm, a solid build, and good wool. He does have flaws, as every ram does, with long pasterns and slightly posty legs. Our ewes tend towards sickle hocks, so the straighter hind leg is a complementary flaw for our ewe flock.

FBA # 32475 Mc-B’s 1181 Chester Triplet

Chester was a heavier-boned ram with a little more size to him than the previous three rams. He had a large, awkward shoulder, but straight, strong, legs and pasterns and beautiful wool. He was very easy for us to work with, but brutal to the ewes, so we did not keep him around for a second breeding season.

FBA# 31707 ASHFARM Cedric 19031 Quint

Cedric was a son of Anton, out of our favorite ewe, 1115. He had a balanced structure, gentle personality, and a nice fleece. He brought milkiness and prolificacy from his mother, but was too fine-boned and small-framed for us to keep many daughters from.

FBA #31708 ASHFARM Cyrus 19030 Quint

Cyrus was the full brother of Cedric, and had lovely black wool that changed color to gray after he turned one year old. He fathered a few lambs, but was not kept around, as he started to show interest in ramming us.

FBA# 30116 Ironwood Hill 305 Anton Twin

Anton was our first ram, and had dense, finely crimped, lustrous, and very soft wool. His wool did not collect VM the way most fleeces like to, but rather shed much of the hay that fell on it. He had a balanced structure, but was somewhat smaller framed and finer boned than a Finnsheep ram should be. He had a good personality and was gentle with the ewes. He is no longer on the farm, but we retained a few of his daughters and a son.