When we first got her; she was so thin and pathetic looking.

Meet Bessie, our Jersey cow. She came from a herd dispersal auction, where the cows were being sold from a dairy farm that came on rough times. Dan thought it would be a good place to find a quality cow inexpensively. They ended up looking a lot rougher than we expected. They were almost all under-conditioned(too skinny), and many had various other issues(mastitis, hoof problems). I was very skeptical of the idea, and when Dan bid on, and won a small, scrawny cow with uncertain milking status, I was unimpressed, to say the least. She was calm and cooperative when she arrived home, and very hungry. She was also in milk, so we started milking her once a day, to allow her body to put most of her food into regaining weight. We had the vet out to take a look and determine if there were any underlying sicknesses exacerbating her emaciation, and she got a clean bill of health! Now we just needed to focus on getting lots of good quality food into her.

Still wearing the big auction tag in her ear.
She was caked with manure, and her hair was scruffy from malnutrition.

A year later, and she is now my favorite cow. She is sweet and cooperative, and filled out nicely. Her size is perfect for a family cow – small and tidy.
She is bred, and due in April 2020. I am very excited for her calf! Dan turned out to be right about getting this little cow; I guess I should have more faith!

Looking all sleek after a summer of rotational grazing.

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