Most of the winter is spent languishing in the barn, for the animals, at least. The sheep have a cozy pen with as much hay as they can eat, plus minerals and water they can partake in whenever they desire. The cows are tied in stalls to reduce their tendency to lie in their warm, squishy manure pats, and they also get piles of hay, plenty of water, and a mineral block. We get everyone outside regularly for exercise and fresh air, but they still spend most of their time in the barn where it is warm and dry.

Barley, hoping I’m going to give her something delicious.
Everyone wondering when I’m going to get busy and fill up their hay racks.
Pretty Ruby, ready to run if I give the slightest indication of moving towards her. She’s our craziest ewe, but has nice wool and is a good momma.
This is why the wool gets so much hay in it!!
One of last spring’s lambs ‘Button’, belly swelling with lambs for this spring.
Fuzzy sheep butt!
Bessie, enjoying her hay.
Nom, nom.
Cleo whispering something to Clementine. Probably commenting on the quality of this particular bale of hay.
Beatrice, looking like a nut.

Wintertime is a quieter time of year, with a lot of peaceful resting for everyone. I enjoy spending time in the barn, listening to the contented munching and rustling, smelling the hay and the animals, and savoring the simplicity and honesty of sheep and cow life.

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