Lambing Season Has Begun

In the past week we have welcomed the first seven lambs of 2021 into our barn. Three sets of twins and a single, divided as evenly as you can divide an odd number, into boys and girls.

Everyone has done well, with minimal intervention needed. Some of the lambs had their legs turned back, and needed to be helped in their exit from the womb, but all have taken to this next part of life very well.

Since we have no human babies right now, we set up our baby monitor in the barn this year, to help keep an eye and ear on what’s going on in the sheep pen. It has been very helpful! It is striking how new baby lambs sound similar to newborn humans.

Our first to lamb, Aina, had beautiful twin girls last Friday; a black one with a white spot on the top of her head and her chin, and a totally white one.

Lizzie then had twin girls on Sunday, two tiny black lambs with a little white on their heads. This was Lizzie’s first lambing, and she is a natural!

Ruby then had a big single ram. He didn’t want to come out, so I had to encourage him a bit. They are both doing well now! Ruby is a devoted, hovering mother. This picture was taken a couple hours after he was born as he slept off the tiring birth.

Last night Bernadette had her twin Bluefaced Leicester cross ram lambs. They are big and energetic; barely phased by birth! They were starting to jump and play a few hours after being born! Usually it takes about 24 hrs before the lambs really start to play.

The rest of the ewes are very uncomfortable, waiting for the day their lambs are ready for eviction.

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