Lamb TIme

We had a successful lambing this year. There is a grand total of 50 lambs running about on the farm now. We lost some to various causes, known and unknown, but all the ewes are doing well and the remaining lambs are thriving. They are so much fun to watch at their games, and subsequently our barn chores take much longer than they should!

The Texel cross lambs are looking very promising as fast-growing meat lambs. At birth they were markedly more vigorous than the pure Finnsheep or the BFL/Finnsheep lambs, and now, at a month old, they are distinctively meatier.

We got everyone out of the barn once the weather got warm, but as the pasture wasn’t ready for grazing yet, we kept them in a small area that rapidly turned to mud when it rained. So anyway, please excuse the mud!

In this photo the lambs are munching on their morning ration of grain. Both the ewes and the lambs get some grain as a supplement to the baleage that is their diet. Soon they will be grazing fresh grass, and the need for grain will diminish.

This lamb is a BFL/Finnsheep cross.
This is one of our smaller Texel/Finnsheep lambs.

We are taking reservations on lambs, which you can choose to butcher yourself, or we have a reservation at a custom butcher in late November. We will also have feeder lambs available for you to raise once they are weaned in July. Contact us for more information!

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