Making Fry Cheese

One easy way to utilize extra milk is by making ‘Fry Cheese’. Similar to Paneer, it is a non-melting fresh cheese, delicious seasoned and fried up as a snack, or added to savory dishes.

Heat the milk above 190 degrees Fahrenheit, then add your acid of choice. You can use any acid – vinegar, lemon juice, citric acid, or you could warm and culture the milk and allow it to acidify for a few hours before heating. Each different acid will contribute a different flavor profile to the final cheese. Add the acid slowly while stirring the scalded milk. You will start to see and feel the curd forming. Once the whey is clearish and pale yellow, you can stop adding the acid and stop stirring. Allow the pot to rest for 10-15 minutes.

Meanwhile, boil your cheesecloth to sanitize it and prepare a draining space for your cheese. A colander over a pot works well. Line the colander with the cheesecloth.

Gently scoop the curds out of the whey and place in your prepared cheesecloth.

Allow to drain for 15 min.

Wrap the cheesecloth around the cheese, twisting the top smoothly.

Cover with a board or plate, then press lightly for 2 hours.

This is my lever action cheese press with no extra weigh added. You could use some clean bricks, or a gallon jug half filled with water as weight. Get creative! There are innumerable options for weights! Be sure it is clean and balanced. If your weight is off to one side, your cheese will end up crooked.

After the allotted time has transpired, remove the cheesecloth carefully, wrap the cheese in plastic, butcher paper, or some other air excluding container, and chill.

Don’t throw your whey away! Feed it to pigs, chickens, or pour on your yard or garden.

Once the cheese is chilled, it will be firm and slice-able. You can cube it or slice it, and fry it until browned. It is delicious just salted, but adding some seasoning is good too!

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